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A tribute to Church workers



St Nicholas, Gayton
"Let’s praise the man who goes to light, The church stove on an icy night." John Betjeman

It was St Lawrence who was ordered by the Romans to hand over the Churches' treasure and then presented the Roman commander with all the poor people of Rome. (Our Church at Harpley is dedicated to St Lawrence and you can read more about St Lawrence here.)

The real treasure of our Churches is still the people.

John Betjeman, the Poet Laureate, understood this and wrote this poem in tribute to everyone who supports our Churches.

This is part of a poem entitled "Septuagesima" by John Betjeman.

"Let’s praise the man who goes to light, The church stove on an icy night.

Let’s praise that hard-worked he or she, The Treasurer of the PCC.

Let’s praise the cleaner of the aisles, The nave, the candlestick, the tiles.

Let’s praise the organist who tries. To make the choir increase in size,

Or if that simply cannot be, Just to improve its quality.

Let’s praise the ringers in the tower, Who come to ring in cold and shower.

But most of all let’s praise the few, Who are seen in their accustomed pew,

Throughout the year, whate’er the weather, That they may worship God together.

These, like the fire of glowing coals, Strike warmth into each other’s souls.

And though they be but two or three, They keep the church for you and me."

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