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Festival Services

Gayton Christmas










"As it was, as it is, and as it shall be evermore, God of Grace, God in Trinity. With the ebb, with the flow,ever it is so, God of Grace, O Trinity,With the ebb and flow." Traditional Gaelic prayer.

The years ebb and flow yet some things remain the same. The great festival services Christmas, Easter,Mothering Sunday, Harvest & Remembrance are ocassions when whole villages get together.

They are part of the tradition of our lives which we appreciate. Times for great happiness and also great reflection.

Full details of all these services will be listed as we get nearer the dates.

There are also some other days that are particular in the Church calendar and these too are remembered. Again more details nearer their dates but Rogation Sunday, Ascension Day, Palm Sunday are all celebrated with special services.


Advent and Christmas click here to see 2019 events

The period of Advent is one of the busiest and happiest in the Church year.
All our Churches hold a carol service and there is a midnight service and an early morning Holy Communion service on Christmas Day.

A favourite is always the Family Service and Christingle.


Mothering Sunday

This is always a very happy ocassion with families getting together to celebrate the lives of Mothers' everywhere. It is so wonderful to thank them for all they do and to present each with a small posy.


Gt Massingham

Holy Week & Easter         click here to see 2019 events

This then is the holiest part of the Church year. Starting with Ash Wednesday when we seek forgiveness for our sins. There is then the sombreness of Good Friday when we will walk around one of our villages with the Cross, Yet there is then the joy of Easter Day when we celebrate Jesus' rising again, on perhaps the happiest day of the year.



Being part of a rural community, Harvest has a very special significance. It is always a joy to welcome the schools into our Churches and for the children to bring their harvest gifts.
Earlier in the year we also have a Rogation service when we walk around the fields and bless the crops.



Over the last few years , attendance at this service has increased as the anniversaries of World War 1 and World War 2 come about. We must never forget - nor shall we.
You can see a short video based on Laurence Binyon's poem "For the Fallen" by clicking here.

Gayton St Nicholas 2017


A tribute to Church workers

A tribute to Church workers. Part of "Septuagesima" by John Betjeman

Advent & Christmas 2019

Advent & Christmas 2019



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