Gayton Church Heritage & Renovation

St Nicholas church dates back to the 13th century and along the way has needed much attention. It is a testament to the villagers of Gayton that it has been so cherished for 700 years and remains so today.

The needs of the building though are numerous and the burden falling on the congregation is very onerous. It is with great thanks then, in particular to the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic England (previously known as English Heritage) that we have been able to complete some major repair works in recent years.



Work in progress

A great deal of work was completed to the nave and south aisle roofs, as well as overhauling rainwater goods, relaying drains and repairing the south aisle buttress.

The beams of the Nave roof were suffering badly from damage by death watch beetle and further work will be required in the not too distance future as those little creatures (beetles) are also munching away under the pew platforms and evidence has also recently been discovered of live dry rot!


Signs of Dry Rot in the pew platforms.

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