Music in Country Churches. A series of three fabulous concerts held in St Mary's, Great Massingham. The English Chamber Orchestra played Vivaldi on a balmy evening July 25th 2017. Carole Cerasi & James Johnstone played 2 harpsichords during a morning recital of the Brandenburg Concertos. That same evening the Skampa Quartet gave a recital including Hayden, Mozart and Beethoven.

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A Little Night Music - Well it was Mozart Balmy Evening Bouncer
Brilliantissimo Calm before the Storm Chloe Hanslip - solo violin with Fabio
Ciao Come early for the best seats Coming prepared
Double Bass Marcus Van Horn Miss Elfin Saftey End of the Night
Everyone take a bow Everyone take a bow Full Concentration
Glorious evening Hundreds arrive In Preparation
Intermission People looking up - are they Bats? Miss Quietly Confident
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