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My Life is my Message." Mahatma Gandhi

Revd. Sue Martin

Assistant Priest








Congratulations to Emma Raducanu! Grand Slam US Open women's singles winner, she has reached the hearts of so many people, with  outstanding ability and personality to match. She has raised our spirits in the UK and shows just what ‘young people’ can do.

Right across our benefice ( that’s all our ten parishes)  from Ashwicken to Harpley, we have children and young people in our schools,  living in this wonderful part of the country. Our schools are a unique part of our villages, they are full of life; children and staff learning, teaching, sharing and working together. Who knows how many budding ‘Emma’s’ we have but I do know  we have an abundance of creativity, amazing skills, a sense of exploration and a love of learning.

Every step of our lives is involved in learning. Every day, every waking minute, wherever we are, and however old we may be, we are still learning. Education is the key! It is the key to our understanding, the foothold on which our ‘ladder of life’ is based. It fills our minds to grow, our hearts to understand and our souls to be refreshed. 

We all have a part to play in education, whether in our own lives, or for our families. In our country our education system which is free for all children from ages 4-18 years. In further education, young people can follow their hopes and dreams  finding a pathway to a career. 

But education is more than just finding a way to a good career choice, it is about finding out, exploration, creativity, imagination, adventure, discovery, all of which can take us away from our own lives and engage with the wide world beyond. It is the way to finding our place in God’s world. 

In Mark’s Gospel chapter 8, verse 31, Jesus is spending time teaching the disciples. Jesus is recognised as a teacher and teaches many people along the way.

We are working with the schools and hope to be able to bring some of their work into our churches, starting with harvest, so do please visit our churches again, we are open!

Most of my working life has been as a teacher in primary schools and it never leaves you, that sense of buzz in a young person’s learning, still love it!

God Bless and have a good October. 

Rev’d Sue Martin


Father, help us to follow our dreams To learn something new every day, To explore this wonderful world around us full of diversity, We can make such a difference to those we meet, If we follow your word and your teaching. Amen


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