George Plunkett album

George Plunkett was born in 1913 in Norwich. He acquired a 'box' camera in 1931 and started building a photographic survey of Norwich. Aware of its limitations, he replaced it the following year with an Ensign Carbine number 7 which lasted the rest of his life. This was a very professional camera which had a 'rising front': the lens can be moved parallel to the film to include tops of buildings without tipping the camera backwards. This helps keep parallel the vertical edges of buildings, instead of them appearing to converge. He developed and printed over 1000 rolls of black and white film himself, arranging the contact-sized prints in albums according to subject matter or street name.
We are very grateful that his son, Jonathan, has allowed us to include these high detailed photographs of our Churches, that were taken between 1952 and 1995.
There are many more old photographs of Norwich and Norfolk to be seen on the web site :

There are 24 photos for this gallery.
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Ashwicken Church 1996 Bawsey 1976 Bawsey E Arch
Bawsey S Door jamb with Norman capital 1976 Bawsey West arch 1976 Congham 1996
East Walton 1996 East Walton tower 1996 Gayton 1996
Gayton Thorpe tower 1976 Grimston clock 2002 Grimston door 1977
Grimston 1998 Grimston tower 1977 Grimston tower 1998
Gt Massingham 1995 Gt Massingham porch 1995 Harpley 1952
Harpley roof 1952 Lt Massingham 1995 Mintlyn 1976
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